Honing In on Your Personal Style

Honing in on Your Personal Style

Do you know your fashion mantra? Your fashion mantra is a guiding principle that speaks to your core essence how you want to be perceived, or seen as you step out into your world. If you stopped breathing and your eyes glazed over absolutely clueless, don’t worry, Anuyu will help identify your fashion mantra and fulfill your wardrobe needs. 
Start by thinking about your inner dialogue describing how you want to feel and be perceived, then list five to eight words that express the new you. Do you ever admire someone else’s style when they walk in a room? Or maybe it’s a celebrity style you’re attracted to in magazines. Now don’t fantasize about J-Lo or Jennifer Anniston. Think about where you go and who you want to be. And don’t forget, how you want to feel – that’s most important because we’re talking style not costume! 
For me, I started with :
  • Simple
  • Elegant 
  • Classic
  • Not fussy
  • Dramatic
  • Effortless
  • Creative 

My fashion mantra: Elegantly simple, effortless and classic with an edge of creativity.

Next step, weeding out the items in your closet that do not serve your highest good! And going forward for me, anything new I want must answer a resounding YES the following questions:
Is it elegantly simple?
Does it look effortless? 
Is it classic with an edge of creativity, or is it that pop of creativity?
We’ll work on this together when you sign up for wardrobe organization with Anuyu. I promise you, it’s fun, it’s easy, it’s life changing. 

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