Spring Blog

Spring Blog

As our thoughts turn to spring and hope for brighter days, both literally and figuratively to the end of quarantine, the denim on denim trend is the perfect solution for cool days and cooler nights.

Some fashion writers are calling it the Texas Tuxedo. At Anuyu, we’d like to class it up a bit. In a perfect world a matching denim suit would be sophisticated, and tailoring is key. There are also ways to stylishly mix pieces you have with updated new styles and washes. Look for textures that are soft and supple. New lighter washed denim and whites pair well creating contrast with your favorite denim jacket layered over a bright pink, or flaming hot orange solid or patterned top. If your style is more minimal, camel is the “it” color of the season. Again paired with white and light washed denim, camel exudes a sophisticated palette. Camel accessories, bags and shoes are nearly season-less carrying you from spring into summer and even into early fall.

Another option for summer color, be daring, don’t be afraid to step out in lighter vegetable dye hued or warm earthen toned denim jeans. For an alternate spice to your style, consider a colored denim dress.

The denim on denim trend continues into fall with ornamental jacquards and menswear stripes mixed with navy, charcoal, grey and black plaid shirts. And ladies, there’s something to be said for grown-up grunge. This is not your daughter’s denim style – no rips, tears or holes preferred!


 Now is the perfect time to “play” in your closet to assess what pieces make you feel your best self and what pieces need to be replaced with for a fresh new you.

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