Personal Styling

Essential Bodywear Bra Consultations

Twice a week, and by appointment, we have Liesl, a Bra Consultant with Essential Bodywear, in the store to give expert advice on how to make you look and feel great in your under garments.

Essential Bodywear is a women owned and staffed company dedicated to revolutionizing the way women shop for bodywear. Their goal is to preserve women’s physical health and self esteem through a carefully curated line of bras, panties, and shapewear. As Christian Dior famously said “There is no fashion without foundation.”

How Bra Fittings Work:

A fitting takes about 15 minutes from start to finish and is completely G-rated (Liesl only needs to see as much of you as you are comfortable with!).

She takes 3 measurements to determine the best size for you and talks to you about the current pieces you wear, and any problems you might be having with them. Then, she gives you a bra to try on. From there, Liesl will work with you to better customize your fit to ensure your maximum comfort, and make you look great.

Concierge Styling

For our customers on a time crunch, we offer this call ahead service to enhance your shopping experience.

Simply call ahead and let us know what type of event you are shopping for, or the shopping goal you have in mind (perhaps to try on the new season of clothes we recently got in the boutique).

When you arrive, a curated line of clothing will be waiting for you in a fitting room, custom picked for your shopping goal. We will even have a glass of wine ready!

Virtual Styling

Body Type Assessment

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